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30 Year Conventional

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The traditional 30-year fixed-rate coneventional mortgage is one of the most popular loan programs for homeowners. It has a constant interest rate and monthly mortgage payments that never change. The down payment can go as low as 3% for first-time home buyers and 5% for prior homeowners.

If the down payment is less than 20% Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) will be required but will drop off once your loan reaches 80% loan-to-value (LTV).


Conventional loan programs place more weight on the borrower’s financial qualifications than government loans do. This means that when applying for a conventional loan you will get a better rate if you have better qualification factors (i.e. higher credit score, significant liquid assets in your bank account, low debt-to-income ratio). This may be a good loan program for you if have good credit score and some money for a down payment.

30-Year Fixed Loan Pros and Cons

Low Monthly payments
3% and 5% Down Payments Available
PMI will cancel once 20% equity is reached


Heavily dependent on credit and income.
Potentially higher interest rate than other loan programs.